Project theme

Youth activism and civic participation

Project title

A program working with youth focusing on de-constructing existing narratives in Advertising that influence the way people in Africa perceive the UK and the way people in the UK perceive Africa

How it works

Selection of 10 major ads

Create creatives online application platform

Select creatives for ad de-construction workshops

Showcase workshop prototypes through exhibitions

Present the deconstructed Ad prototypes to the 10 Global brands

  • Advertising with the UK narratives is accessible and has a large broadcasting reach in Africa whilst Advertising with African narratives is less accessible and has lower broadcasting reach in the UK. This has lead to a widening gap/imbalance between what people in the UK know about Africa and what people in Africa know about the UK.
  • Zim

    Alexandra Zawadzki

    Curator and Creative Producer

  • Zim

    Oluwapelumi Emmanuel Fatayo


  • Esi Demawu Atiase

    Creative Entrepreneur

  • Matthew Rugamba

  • Kenya

    Maya Abdelaziz Abdelgadir Ali

    Radio Presenter

  • Kenya

    Lupai Samuel K Stephen

    Radio Presenter

  • Yandile Nuku

    Content Strategist

  • ireland

    Fatima Zahra Outaiss


British council. Top advertising agencies. Broadcasting platforms. Creatives.