Project theme

Decolonization in education, museums

Project title

MEMORY - A residency program that engages the archive using contemporary art to challenge existing narratives.

How it works

Residents will create new narratives between Africa and the UK by challenging and re-imagining colonial archives.

  • Broadens the conversation beyond ‘expert’ circles and academies.
  • Challenges traditional forms of memory and archiving.
  • Creates new forms of knowledge production.
  • Examines power imbalances around collective memory.
  • Thabani Philimon Mlilo Zim

    Thabani Philimon Mlilo

    Creative Facilitator and Trainer

  • Zim

    Mustafa Bassiouny Aly Bassiouny Sakr

    Arts and Culture Manager

  • UG

    Catherine Siima Itabaaza


  • UG

    Tseliso Andreas Monaheng

    Freelance writer

  • UG

    Sarah Abdu Bushra


  • Kenya

    Sharon Nyambura Chao Maina

    Digital heritage specialist / Digital humanities scholar scholar

  • Libya

    Nouran A. Othman Elarbi

    Community Developer

  • ireland

    Ciaran Harper