Project theme

Innovation/Technology/Smart places

Project title

A mobile innovation experience that uses immersive technologies (VR/AR, 360 Videos, Games) co-created by young people to bridge UK & African innovation narratives.

How it works

Match young people in the UK and Africa to co-create content. Content are displayed in pop-up innovation spaces. Community is mobilised to spread positive narratives online & offline.

  • Amplify positive narratives of Innovation between Africa & The UK to challenge outdated ones.
  • Empower young people to collaborate and co-create content that promote positive narratives across both regions.
  • Promote person to person linkage and interactions across regions using immersive technology & new media.
  • Leverage communities and new media to spread positive narratives of innovation between UK & Africa.
  • Zim

    Nahom Teklu Bekele

    Creative Entrepreneur

  • Chloe Isobel Ellen Deakin

  • UG

    Oyebisi Job Adeleke

    Social Entrepreneur

  • UG

    Ange Theonestine Ashimwe

    A radical artist

  • Nissi Chibuzor Madu

    Digital heritage specialist / Digital humanities scholar scholar

British Council, Tech Hubs, Student Union Government in both regions, New Media Co.