Project theme

Youth Cultures – fashion, music, lifestyle etc.

Project title

Empowering teachers in using co-created tools to improve student knowledge of Africa and the UK.

How it works

We will connect educators from Africa and the UK, alongside various experts, to co-create content and innovative teaching methods (such as board games etc), thus building mutual understanding and influencing education policy design.

  • There is a lack of content in the UK and African educational systems that is co-created and curated in a way that brings out contemporary and reliable stories and information about the two.
  • Eleanor Rose Widger UK

    Eleanor Rose Widger

    Youth Arts Advocate

  • Toka Hlongwane UK

    Toka Hlongwane

    Street/ Documentary Photography

  • Imru Al Qays Talha Jebril Zim

    Imru Al Qays Talha Jebril

    Public Policy and Geopolitics Analyst and Researcher

  • UG

    Lillian Moremi

    Social Entrepreneur

  • Rogério Marques Benedito Júnior

    Social Entrepreneur

  • Mohammed M M Qajoum


  • Amal Golli


Thematic consultants and experts, media practitioners, game designers, civil society, marketers, graphic designers, schools, policymakers, students and student unions, and the British Council.