Contributing to the wider narratives between Africa and the UK

New Narratives (working title) is a programme planned by British Council to explore how to work with young people across both locations, to contribute to more plural and updated narratives

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New narratives

Why New Narratives?


Young people are inspired to see a different side of Africa and the UK they may not have seen before.


Young people have the opportunity to redefine the narratives perceived of that of Africa and the UK.


To help shape people’s understanding of the messages and themes that frame the UK in Africa and Africa in the UK


To inspire other young people that things are happening across both continents.

Residential Engagements

Bringing together 40 young people from Africa and the UK in two residential workshops.

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Pre-Residential Engagements

3rd - 16th February 2020

Mid-Residential Engagements

2nd - 22nd March 2020

Post-Residential Support

April onwards

Residential Workshop in Kigali

17th - 21st February 2020

Residential Workshop in Birmingham

23rd - 27th March 2020

Meet the Participants

40 young people will be supported to come up with solutions to change the narrative between Africa and the UK.

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